it's called common sense
I like 5sos and dancing
i track 5sosoz

Calum's solo in what I like about you


Some of my favourite recent Ashton tweets

shamelessly reblogs own post

Goodbye friends I am gone, I’m going on holiday for two weeks so my blog will be a bit quiet most of the time bc I don’t know when I’ll have access to the Internet 😞 pls don’t unfollow bc then I will be v sad, and bc I’m a boob I didnt set up a queue 😐so yeah have fun and bye bye

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shut up luke


5sos + gibbons

LEAABE OYR TUME GAS COMG 5soflowercrowns

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*steve rogers voice* son just dont cal


one direction could literally just drop their management company and record their albums in their homes and perform on the streets and they’d still be the number one band in the world and they’d probably be a lot happier as well

@Ashton5SOS: Sometimes I do miss the emo fringe I’m not gonna lie

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dont touch me ash


when a singer actually has an accent in a song you have to sing with that accent it’s just a rule ok